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Dear Mom and Dad

A letter home, from Shosuro Kano

Today was a strange, strange day. I am sending this with a curious colored glass mirror I purchased from a Unicorn, they are a strange people with strange ways. One of my fellow new Magistrates is a Unicorn, she has a giant horse. She is quiet, but seems as if she means well enough and looks like a fearsome fighter. I saw her fight a Shiba to a standstill, which should tell you a thing or two. My other companion, or former companion now, I guess, was a Mantis who seemed to be somewhat of a disagreeable fellow. A little better than an animal, maybe, although Unicorn-san’s horse never spit on me so perhaps he was worse. He seems to have stolen some scrolls from an Isawa, but ran off before he could be asked how he got them. So strange. I remember the seeking and hiding games when we were little and I was still back home, and the storytelling games.

I do not think this Mantis would have been good at them.

Not at all.

Still, it was good to see the world. Such a curious place. I also enclose a butterfly I found, they are so pretty. Maybe I will return one day to visit you in person, it has been so many years.




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